“Green Jersey Day”

29th May 2020 “Green Jersey Day” is an initiative is to encourage all involved in our Gonzaga Community to show our support for each other by taking a selfie (or a family group photo) wearing a Green Jersey and posting it in “Class of” WhatsApp Groups, the Gonzaga Instagram @gonzagacollege/Facebook/Linkedin pages or emailing them to library@gonzaga.ie for publication on the school website or use in next year’s Gonzaga Record. Please also consider the Gonzaga Union Linkedin pages and connect with your Classmates!

Green Jersey Day is about reminding everyone we are part of a community that cares for and supports each other, as well as for those in need. We hope that each Past Pupil will participate, wear a Green Jersey and share/post their pictures. 

The Copper Beech Trust suggests each Past Pupil Year Group consider an online event or “Chain Call” on the 29th May next; it is as simple as each Past Pupil taking 5 mins to reach out to another class mate and suggest/nominate the next person to call (or a pre-arranged Group Zoom call).

As an optional Fundraising element – T.Y. have set up www.greenjerseyday.ie as a donation portal for Spinal Injuries Ireland, St James Foundation and Peter McVerry Trust; being three charities they have worked with/been inspired by this year.

To keep fundraising very simple, Alumni can simply “order in” a meal [collection/delivery]. Both Q50 Catering and TriBeCa have a long history of supporting Gonzaga Union events. Contributions to the T.Y. Charity Fundraising will be made for each meal ordered if “GreenJerseyDay” is mentioned when ordering.

[If ordered on/before Monday 25th May 2020 Q50 Catering (Paul Quinlan – Class of ’88) {0874166272} are offering Thai Yellow Curry with Chicken (Vegetarian option also available) or Slow cooked Italian Beef Stew in a red wine and tomato sauce [Both of the above served with steamed rice] - meals packaged individually, sealed and made fresh - Dinners €6.50 each.  (Delivery subject to pre-arrangement @ €5.00 per household). This option is suitable for freezing and may also suit for delivery to cocooning relatives.

TriBeCa - http://tribeca.ie/ (Trevor Browne – Class of ’89) is offering their current menu and delivery arrangements, right up to closing time on 29th May 2020. Charity Donation only applies to Meals ordered on 29th May 2020.

Remember to mention “GreenJerseyDay” to ensure that the Charity Contribution will be noted and made!]

Further information is available through School and Union Social Media and www.greenjerseyday.ie or www.gonzagacollegetransitionyear.com.

Many Thanks and Stay Safe.