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It is suitable for storing all the data generated by the system in an organized and easily accessible way. The use of the software requires the configuration of parameters to be configured, such as the time and sample data, the trigger thresholds, and the diagnosis and corrections strategy. The three workflows are different in terms of complexity, as indicated in [Table 3](#tbl3){ref-type="table"}. In the first workflow, the IDC4 algorithms are used to automatically define the data to be stored in the database, and then these data are sent to the database automatically at the selected time interval. The second workflow is defined by the inclusion of an analysis system in the front end, which allows the user to analyze the data and verify them using a web application. The third workflow is used for the analysis of the data on the cloud platform. This last workflow allows for an efficient use of the resources of the cloud provider, which has allowed us to analyze more than 100,000 samples in about 2 days. On the cloud platform, the operating system (CentOS) is based on Linux, and the applications and tools (such as IBM Netezza or Apache Spark) are also available on the cloud provider. When the analysis is complete, the database (MySQL) is updated, and the results are sent to the user. 5. Results and discussion {#sec5} ========================= 5.1. Spatial resolution {#sec5.1} ----------------------- The spatial resolution of the system was assessed using a plastic sphere filled with a paraffin wax mixture. It was inserted in a cylinder made of titanium, and the signal detected was recorded. The signal is sent through a cable to the acquisition system, which is then converted into digital data. This data is processed by the scanning system and then stored in the image repository database. A sample of the signal is shown in [Fig. 5](#fig5){ref-type="fig"}. From the signal, the maximum resolution was calculated to be approximately 2.6 mm. The technology used for detecting the signal from the paraffin wax mixture is low cost, and the system is capable of generating an image with a resolution of 100 points.Fig. 5Spatial resolution of the system.Fig. 5 5.2. Energy consumption {#sec5.2} The energy consumed by the system was monitored using a power meter




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