Gonzaga College 

Sandford Road


Dublin 6


Things happen and sometimes people need help with something.  Sometimes, just knowing that there is help available can make all the difference.

The Gonzaga Union Benevolent Fund has now been renamed as THE COPPER BEECH TRUST

What is it? The Copper Beech Trust is a fund and facility set up to help past pupils and staff of Gonzaga College who need some help, but aren’t in a position, financially or otherwise, to get through their dilemma without some additional assistance.  It’s not just money… it’s a confidential support network designed to help you out.

What can I do to help?  Financial donations are always needed and welcomed.  But so is your time.  If your professional area of expertise is needed, please do what you can to help in whatever situation you are approached with.  Contact copperbeech@gonzaga.ie to organise a donation or to make your availability known for whatever skill you have.


I need some help – Contact copperbeech@gonzaga.ie in the strictest of confidence and without any judgement.  The Trust is there to help fix a problem, not add to it.

I know someone who needs help –  We’ve all heard the saying “Pride comes before a fall” - If you know of a past pupil who is struggling with a situation they have found themselves in, whether through their own fault or not, contact copperbeech@gonzaga.ie in the strictest of confidence with as many details as possible. 

Help is available.  The Copper Beech Trust will always do what it can to help.  Contact will always be without judgement and dealt with in the strictest of confidence.